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States License: Harry J Brown is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Virginia.

About Me


I was born in California into a military family and was immediately uprooted and taken across the country and Atlantic Ocean to Iceland. Though I was too young to recall the ocean I have been trying to get back to it my whole life, and, now, living in Norfolk, VA, finally have.  


I spent most of my early years living overseas in Iceland, Japan and Germany. My family settled down in Northern Virginia where I finished high school. I went to Virginia Tech and then worked overseas in Mexico, Japan, Germany and Taiwan before coming back to the US and settling down again in Northern Virginia. In 2005, I moved to Memphis, TN and then came back to the east coast in 2013 to be closer to family and the ocean.


You will often see me riding the Elizabeth River Trail on my way to work. As with most, the demands of every day life due to work and family cause a reduction in free time, therefore, I commute as often as possible by riding my bicycle to work. I am very fortunate because I can easily reach the Elizabeth River Trail and thoroughly enjoy riding along the river past the USS Wisconsin and seeing the harbor activity. To me, it is a sign that this city and area is alive. 



I enjoy running (yes - I actually enjoy the act of getting out of breath through physical exertion due the rapid - or in my case, the not so rapid - movent of my lower extremities - also known as legs), cooking and reading. Though, as I mentioned on my home page, not at the same time. I do the occaisional road race and triathlon and one day would like to buy a small sail boat. 


On weekends, I will often be seen with my family at the beach or walking around the neighborhood. I am attempting to ride a bike to work each day, though I have caved on occaission and driven when it is pouring down rain. 


Before Law School

After Law School


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